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My appearance on BBC teach

Part of the panel that discusses the teaching of creative writing, how to get kids to love writing for pleasure and the challenges facing teachers when it comes to creative writing lessons..

Manchester Evening News Article On The Fun In My School

A fun segment from the Manchester Evening News 

Childrens Skype Session With Childrens Author

The class have a skype chat with acclaimed author Christina Balit

Skype Session With Poet

Class skype session with Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom

Brightvibes Tech Article

Article about use of tech in class and its impact  on the children  

TES Article

An article by TES following from dance floss stardom 

Skype Session with Dr Jeffrey Ventre

An article about my class syping with Dr Jeffrey Ventre from the film Blackfish

B.T Tech Factor Competition Win

A competition my class entered to win money to spend on technology in school

Pamela Aderson Follows School After Animal rights Trip

Pamela Anderson supports pupils over animal rights and whales.

Pupils EU Orca Fight

Bolton Evening News report on the classes animal rights trip to the EU

Flossing Video Goes Viral

BBC News report on my flossing video with the children, see link for full article.

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