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Who am I? 

I love my job and supporting teachers using creative teaching methods, ideas and technology. I deliver CPD sessions around the UK and I was Keynote Speaker at the Superpod 6 event on San Juan Island, Washington USA. Below are just a few examples of sessions available, however, I am able to tailor CPD sessions to meet the needs of staff. All my sessions have been tried and tested on the best subjects possible - the wonderful children I have had the privilege of teaching.


I am currently available for staff meetings and Twilight sessions.

Here are just some of my available sessions:

App Attack!!

A popular session where I share as many apps and websites as possible to enhance the teaching and learning in an exciting and creative way. Be prepared to feel the buzz!

Deepening the understanding of the computing curriculum

This session is practical and hands-on from the start and you'll be learning the fundamentals of computer science, ICT and digital literacy. By the end of this session, you will feel ready to tackle the computing curriculum #BelikeHazel

EYFS Engagement through tech

This workshop will look at how to combine easy to use apps and technology to enhance the engagement of children in EYFS and KS1. You will see how to turn your classroom into a movie studio and transport your children inside a traditional tale, bring dinosaurs onto your carpet area and much more


Invite the world into your classroom!

Through platforms such as Temas, Zoom and Skype, you can completely reinvigorate a classroom, all you need is a laptop/PC/iPad and you are away. You can use it to teach a wide range of subjects and connect with professionals/authors/other schools all around the world! In this session, I will show how easy it is to use these platforms and how they can provide a real purpose for learning. 

Writing for a purpose

When children feel a purpose to their writing, they are more enthused, willing and passionate to write for themselves.  I will share a range of ideas on to ‘hook’ children’s curiosity within your classroom and how to integrate this within the whole school.  This can be tailor-made to match your schools curriculum and topics / themes.

Green Screen

A great way of taking you anywhere in the world! Using green screen, enhances the purpose for writing and gives children the opportunity to perform their work. Using only a green piece of material and an app, you can also create professional-looking videos with your class. This is suitable for Reception all the way up to Year 6. See the link below for an example video.

Poetry Made Simple

Find out how a simple poetry structure can revolutionise and change pupils’ perceptions of poetry. Poetry is fantastic as you can break the rules of grammar. To break the rules of grammar, children must know the rules in the first place! This session is a fun and interactive session where staff will create a poem using my simple structure and be able to take this structure back to their class.

Musicomprehension; comprehension skills through music

One of my aims in teaching is for children to have a positive outlook on reading and reading comprehension. I have found that children often don’t realise the comprehension skills that they already have. Through music and music videos, children can build upon existing comprehension skills and apply them in different contexts. Using music and music videos engages children and, in this course, I share how fun, simple and effective this method can be.

The Mobile Teacher

Being more mobile and active around the classroom has simplified the way I teach. Through mirroring an iPad and using a few presenter apps, I am now able to bring the board to the children. This session will share the basics of a mobile classroom and the key apps and ideas needed to make it possible.  I will demonstrate how simple yet effective this forward-thinking approach can be.

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